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Can we go back inside and cuddle yet...??

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I Need To Cum With A Cock In My Mouth

(4k) It feels so familiar when you grab your dick... and you look at me... doesn't it? This familiar feeling... this wet pussy on my finger tips. Oh, you didn't think I was going to cum in these panties, did you? I've got to save my orgasms for the perfect moment. When my lips... are wrapped around your big, throbbing shaft.
I Need To Cum With A Cock In My Mouth

Hide And Go Seek

(4k) You took the hiding spot that I wanted! All of the other spots are taken, I have to squeeze into the closet with you. There's not much room, but we can just get really close. Put your arms around my waist or something, we'll fit together better that way. Oh my God, do you have a boner? Shh! Someone's coming... That was a close one. Why don't you sit down on the box behind you and I'll sit on your lap, it'll be much more comfortable that way. Are you getting harder? Well I can't help wiggling around, this is an awkward position. It does feel pretty good though. You know, I think this would be even more cozy if you just... slipped it in. No one needs to know. Mmm that's it, nice and deep. Shhh, they're back in the room. Don't move!
Hide And Go Seek

Nurses Ball Draining Treatment

(4k) You have been committed to a mental hospital and the head doctors have determined that your mental illness is partially due to a hormone imbalance, specifically high testosterone levels. They decided to run an experiment to test the effectiveness of this treatment and tasked Nurse Bellringer with administering a daily physical stimulation of your penis with the goal of helping you ejaculate and regulate your hormones. Today is the first day of your therapy. Eager to please, Nurse Bellringer realizes that you will need more than a simple handjob and opens her blouse to reveal her full bosom. Very professionally, the good nurse suggests oral stimulation as well. Her warm, wet lips wrapped around your stiff cock is enough to make you cum hard into her mouth. The semen overflows around your shaft and Nurse Bellringer collects some to analyze at the lab. You look forward to this new scheduled treatment every day.
Nurses Ball Draining Treatment

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Jealous StepMommy Replaces Your Girlfriend

(4k) Good morning sweetie! It's so nice having you here for the whole weekend. I get to see you so rarely now that you're serious with this woman. You've told me nothing about her and yet she's important enough to replace me in your life. No woman will be able to take care of you, love you as powerfully and unconditionally as I do. What does this girl have that I can't provide for you as well? Ah, it must be the sex. Well, what makes you think I can't give you that kind of love? It feels good when I rub you through the sheets doesn't it? I can give you this kind of attention too, sweetheart. That way you won't need other women in your life... only me. Kiss me. You're so hard sweetie... We can go all the way as long as you break up with your girlfriend and stay in this house with me.
Jealous StepMommy Replaces Your Girlfriend

Dont Use A Condom This Time

(4k) No, Jack, I won't have sex with you anymore unless you agree to no more condoms. I want to fuck my bro, not a dildo. If you're worried about knocking me up, then you can just pull out and cum on my stomach. How can you say no to this warm, wet pussy, Jack? Give me your hand, feel it yourself. I know you can't resist, come over to the bed and slide your cock into me raw. Mmm yes, Jack, push it in slowly. You have to admit, the idea of filling me up with your seed is really hot. It's so naughty too... potentially impregnating your own sis. Mmm... faster Jack... To be honest, there is no better way for you to finish... than inside of my fertile pussy. Yes, you want it too... I can tell... don't stop. Cum in my pussy, Jack! I want you to impregnate me!
Dont Use A Condom This Time

In The Heat Of The Moment

(4k) Oh my God, isn't our neighbor such a hunk? I'm sure women are throwing themselves at him all of the time, there's no way I can compete against those numbers. Unless, of course, I find a way to stand out to him... hey, aren't guys totally into women who are already taken? Yeah, like, isn't it about 'the chase' more than anything? Oh. My. God. I just had a great idea - I'm opening the window, lay back on the bed and don't ask questions. Ok here's my plan: we're going to pretend to have wild sex right now, that way he'll think I'm desirable and amazing in bed! Just be sure to yell my name a bunch so he knows it's me. Who cares if I'm not wearing any panties, I'm your sis it shouldn't matter. Ready? OH YES! FUCK ME WITH YOUR HUGE COCK! YOU'RE THE BEST DICK I'VE EVER HAD! Come on, you're supposed to be loud, say my name. OH YES... BRAD! Good, he's looking up here now, keep going, make a bunch of noise. Oh my God, are you hard right now? We can't stop now, he's paying attention. Mmm OH BRAD YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM! Ohhh fuck... your hard-on is rubbing against my pussy... I don't wanna stop. It'll be more believable this way. Mmm I'm really going to cum this time... ohhhh yes! Oh God... what have I done. I just came on my bro's cock... please don't tell our parents. You... liked it? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I need to have you inside of me right now. I don't care about the neighbor, just fuck me!
In The Heat Of The Moment

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